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Miami Art Mob aims to promote emerging and mid career artists around the world. It serves as a springboard to international success. We provide to such individuals a conscious agent and meticulous work.

We are committed to choosing artwork that has a value of aesthetic experience which prompts an irrevocable feeling. When curating or guiding a client in building a collection, we apply both professional knowledge and consideration for the needs of the viewer to acquire the most visually brilliant and emotionally moving pieces.

Regardless of the artist’s intent, the context in which the piece was created, or the fiscal value, one must choose what is invaluable to oneself. In our globalized modern day world, all too often the beauty of daily life passes us by. Technology reigns; we move at a supersonic pace; and dreams of wealth and glory drive us. Art may be one of the few truths left: the visual expression of the ethos of an era.

At Miami Art Mob, we are fluent in the vernacular of the contemporary art market as a result of our years of experience working within and directing galleries. Our areas of focus is contemporary and emerging artists. Our intent is to synthesize strongly held idealisms in iconology and aestheticism with the needs of our clientele and the general public.

Simply stated, we wish to have a gallery where quality works are available to be appreciated and enjoyed.


“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” 

Pablo Picasso 
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