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Sharon Thieman

I am a fiber installation artist whose artwork involves using fiber to wrap objects. My practice involves two aspects of classified examination.  One, a studio practice where I personally engage with wrapping in accordance with my personal aesthetics.  Outcomes, both two and three dimensional will vary, but always involve the use of layered fibers and other natural elements such as grapevine balls or garlands.  Two, a social practice which activates workshops where participants gather in communal and social spaces that access touch, taste, sound and smell to generate forms for relationally aesthetic installations.


Headshot Sharon Thieman .jpg

My hope is to break down divisions and barriers between people of different age groups and backgrounds – using the practice of wrapping as a shared activity and goal. The resulting forms and outcomes from each of my investigations evolve into a site-specific presentation which invites the viewer to participate with the artwork as they interact with their bodies to experience various human realities, such as playful wonder, frustration and/or spirituality, 

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